Community Guidelines and Terms of Service

You can read our full terms of service in your profile under settings.


Here are a few pointers to respect the community guidelines and manage your experience on Quidd:


  1. All public areas of the app -- your profile, your blurb, your image, the Quidd news posts, etc. -- should only have content acceptable for people aged 9 and older to see. Individual channels may have different age ratings that allow for more mature content. You can see the age rating of a channel by tapping on it and looking at the rating under the title. For instance, Fallout 4 is rated “17+” which means only people who are 17 or older can purchase anything from the shop and the posts inside may contain more mature content. This does not mean that you cannot feature any Fallout 4 or similarly rated properties in your profile. However, anything featured in your profile is subject to terms of service and should be chosen with good judgement. Furthermore, mature areas of the app are also not places where you can behave poorly towards other users.

  2. Any harassment, illegal or sexually explicit material, advocating harm, fraud, exploiting the system, hate speech, or bigotry is absolutely forbidden even as a “joke”.

  3. You can curate your Quidd experience by unfriending and/or blocking people. In your settings you can also choose not to see comments by people you have blocked.


  1. You can also report a person by tapping on their user icon and selecting “Report Comment” in the feeds or by going to their profile and tapping the “...” icon on the top right and selecting “Report User”. You can also report showcases and trading posts.


Remember to include the reason why you are filing a report when you file one so we can look into it more easily. Abusing the report function may result in suspension or other consequences.


If you’ve been suspended you can email us at to find out how long your suspension will last.

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