I bought coins, so why didn’t I get them?

You can also see your coin purchase history by going to Profile > Settings > History! It’ll list how much you paid and how many coins you received. If you don’t see your purchase there and you were charged for the transaction, please email us at support@myquidd.com and we can help investigate.

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    Em Wheeler

    This is the second time I have purchased a package through the app, been charged, but never gotten what I paid for. Im missing out on the 1st editions Im specifically paying to get, and no one has responded to the emails Ive been sending. What is going on????

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    This has happened to me recently with just a $0.99 purchase that’s now happened 6 times in a row. This is absurd. I don’t see the purchase in my history either. They really need to fix this or I’ll just review the app as a scam app that will suck away your money whenever it feels like it.

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    Penny Sheppard

    I just purchased a GUARANTEED set of Captain Marvel Cosmic Strength Holographic for
    $9.99 & my card was charged for this but I do not have my cards?!
    Now it's going to be sold out & won't have anything?!
    Not to mentioned this is like the second or third time I've made a purchase and didn't get what I purchased! I'm so upset right now. What is the problems, Quidd???

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