Can I sell my account or collection?

Yes, you may sell items from your Collection. However, you can only sell them on the Quidd App for in-app virtual currency. Any other form of transaction are prohibited. That can be done by initiating a Listing Post on Quidd. To read more about selling on Quidd click here for “How do I List/Sell?

No, You cannot sell your account as a whole, only individual items on Quidd. Any sales for fiat currency promoted on the Quidd App or elsewhere, are prohibited. That goes against our Terms of Service. You can read more about the Terms of Service by going to your profile, then settings, and then “Terms of Service”.

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    Edward Kulik

    I am an avid Quidd user and enjoy collecting the sets as they are released. However, this is becoming increasingly problematic as there are people who are selling their complete collections on external websites like eBay. If this is not allowed, why is Quidd not doing anything about it?

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    It offends me too. I click on the button & report the user/post, but I doubt Quidd does anything about it. There are more abusers than employees. 

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    They only suspend people if they have no reason to do so, then they will ignore your emails & tweets hoping that you go away... Luckily, there is better competition in the digital card trading market.

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