How do I List/Sell?

To initiate Listing Post, simply click the Post button in the bottom center of your screen and select the Sell option. Here are the following steps to complete your Listing Post:

  • Select only one item for sale per Listing Post. You may also use a provided or custom background, accessories, and overlays to make your Listing unique (similar to already existing Display Posts);
  • Select the specific Print of the item you want listed;
  • Write your caption, including a description, hashtags, and tags;
  • Complete the listing details of your Listing Post by including the asking price and selecting the expiration time. Afterwards, you may make your Listing Post live!

Be sure to check your Listings Feed for all Listing Posts. On your profile you will be able to see all Display Posts as well as all active, sold, and expired Listing Posts. Set pages will also include the opportunity to Check Listings in that Set.

If you have any questions about selling on Quidd please contact us at

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