How do I know what I’m getting in a pack and how do the odds work?

Most items comes in “blind” packs. That means that we list what might be inside and how likely you are to get it, but you won’t know exactly what you’re getting in advance.

If you tap on a pack you’ll see there are “featured sets” and “other sets” listed. The featured set is the set that you’re typically trying to get cards, stickers, and figures from. Other sets represents what other items you have a chance to draw. Not every pack is mixed, though.


You’ll also see two kinds of odds. “Set odds” are the odds of drawing anything from the listed set. “Item odds” are the odds of drawing a specific item from that set.


If you’re down for a math lesson or refresher, you can learn more about how odds work and why the numbers don’t always add up to 100% in the article “What are the Odds? Unpacking Digital Trading Cards“.

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