Can I have multiple accounts on my device?

Only one Quidd account can be registered per device. 

As per our Terms of Service regarding the License to Use the App: Subject to the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use, you are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to download and install a copy of the App on a single Mobile Device that you own or control and to run such copy of the App solely for your own personal use. 

The reason for the limitation is to prevent abuse by bad actors who make it unfair for honest players by creating multiple accounts, cheating the system, and ruining the experience for others.

We are working on ways to accommodate families and special cases using one device, and we're hoping to implement these changes in a future update.

Contact for more information.

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    Heather Marsh

    You would think they would have figured out how to fix this by now.
    Still waiting...

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    Cathy Brown

    Here’s the REAL solution for iOS users (iPhone...and I will say iPad since it’s the same OS).
    You have to go to iTunes (yes on a computer) and see the list of devices connected to iTunes.
    In my case, I had to replace my damaged iPhone7 with a DIFFERENT iPhone7, so it’s listed TWO TIMES.

    You have to unauthorize the old/unwanted device.

    When that is cleared up, you can log into Quidd on your NEW (preferred) device.

    Quidd did not help me reach this conclusion.

    Quidd did not offer me any substantial advice.

    and what advice Quidd offered was unhelpful and not useful.

    I believe the tech folks at Quidd
    didn’t/don’t know how to solve this issue which is frustrating to its users.

    I asked one of Mac tech guru friends for iOS help and they offered this solution.

    Yes, it does work.
    I did it I have Quidd working normally on my REPLACED iPhone7.

    As with any device listing and removal please DO EXERCISE CARE not to remove any devices you are currently using.

    Android users, I cannot offer any assistance. Since you can only have one account open on one device at a time, I have not used my Samsung tablet for this app.

    I would take a guess and try to go where you can see all devices and trim away the ones you no longer need #mayHelp #noPromises

    Edited by Cathy Brown
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    Jayron cowan

    Can I reset my whole account password and all

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    Every now and then I’ll hook my phone up and do what they call a restore I do the same on my iMac I’ll wipe it clean and start over. Makes everything run smoother. Anyway this is the only app I use that I have trouble with. Their needs to be away to log out because when you wipe your phone or change battery you are always locked out of your account. I’m about to do a restore on my phone and iMac. When they I’m done all my passwords and links saved in the cloud and comes back I don’t know w why they want fix this problem. Anyway it does not really matter to me because my kids used this app also but broke his iPad so I tried to switch to his s iPod would not do it so contacted support and they fix it. But in the mean time my son a daughter lost interest in the app and deleted it. So they lost out on their support buying power rangers sticker. They really need to fix his app to work with more than one device.

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    Simon Hoogendoorn

    I signed in using Facebook. But when I try signing in now, I get a message saying I have previously signed in via Facebook, and yet the app won’t let me in because it thinks I’m trying to log in with a different account! This is just stupid because it will cause a huge loss of players. What do I do now?

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    Can’t login in again

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    I can’t get in at all and my other device that I had it broke. It’s a little unfair that I can’t get in. This app is amazing but I would like to get in on my phone.

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