I earned coins through Tapjoy but didn't get anything!

Oh no! Tapjoy is a different entity from Quidd, with their own database, so we're not responsible for the coins earned through their reward system. You're going to have to reach out to them directly about your missing coins. If you go to the Tapjoy Coin Offer Wall through Quidd, you can find a "Missing Coins" button on the bottom of the page. Click on that and fill out what happened, and Tapjoy should send you what you need!

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    Jason Aldeez

    Good luck. They'll just say you didn't download the app correctly and therefore they don't owe you anything. Don't waste your time with Tapjoy.

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    You complete an offer. Sometimes you get your coins. Usually I have to submit a missing coins support request. Don't usually get a response to that. Once you have sent in your request you are done there is no way to contact Tapjoy again on that offer. Plus you can only submit support requests on a few offers they don't give you the option to choose from all offers just a few are listed. Very frustrating, especially when I pay money to complete these offers and I can't get my reward. Where are my coins Tapjoy?

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