User Moderation: Helping Each Other Out

Quidd is social, but it’s important we all contribute to keep it that way.

Quidd uses multiple layers of moderation to ensure that bad actors -- and bad actions -- are prevented or quickly squashed. One of these layers involves users helping out other users.

Users can “flag” the comments and trade posts of other users if they feel the content or behavior is against the Community Policy by tapping on the “…” icon on trades or the user’s profile image in comments. Additionally, users can “flag” and report users by tapping on the “…” icon on that person’s profile.

Quidd recommends that if the Community Policy is violated by a user in a private chat or trade, that the receiving user first report the user and second, unfriend or block the offending user if necessary.

To report a user and un-friend them, visit their profile page and tap the “…” icon in the upper right corner. From there, select either “Unfriend” or “Report User.”

There are also moderators in the app who are other users like you. Listen to their instructions and use your best judgement while participating in the app.

Quidd takes its social experience seriously. We trust you will too.


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    Yes thanks Quidd for maintaining a good, safe, and friendly environment! Add a__ on Quidd (there’s 2 underscores).

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