Welcome to Quidd!

Connect with the stuff you love. 

If you love things like comic book heroes, adorable yellow creatures, malfunctioning animatronic animals, wise-cracking pizza-obsessed turtles, and professional ghost-catchers, stop reading this description, get the app, and start owning stuff of the things you love!


- Collect rare stuff that only you own, featuring characters from DC Comics, Minions, Five Nights At Freddy's, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, and much more.  

- Chat and trade with friends and fellow fans in real-time. Meet, negotiate, and trade this rare stuff as quickly and easily as sending a message.

- Get your hands on limited-edition stickers, cards, and much more by opening packs never knowing what you're going to get. Watch inventory tick down in real-time and spot the best time to buy. 

- Complete sets like a boss. Collect how you want to collect and never get lost in the hunt with customized, dynamic, always-accurate checklists.  

- Share the stickers you own, like Funko Digital MyMojis, exclusively through the Quidd Keyboard. 

- Hang out with people that get you. If you know the names of the Gatekeeper and Keymaster, this is the app for you. 


Quidd is about YOU and YOUR favorite stuff. Quidd is yours. 


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