The Basics

Here’s a handy How to Manual for navigating Quidd:

The Feed

  • Your Feed, both on the homepage and inside each channel, is an ongoing stream of what’s new. On the homepage of Quidd this can include everything from announcements about any of our channels, to Pro Tips we want to share with you, to updates and general FYIs for the Quidd community. Inside channels, the feed is every new post relating specifically to that Channel. Check back here to see if any new sets have been released!

Channels vs. Collection

  • At the bottom of the app you’ll see icons for Channels and Collection. In Collection, you can see an overview of your entire collection from all Channels in a consolidated format. If you go into a Channel, it’s like you’re inside that world. For example, if you go inside the Minions channel, everything is yellow and the only sets you see have to deal with your favorite yellow guys.

Base Sets vs. Chase Sets

  • Base sets are, well, the base of the Channel. Some colors are more rare than others, and all Chase sets are more rare than Base sets. Basically, from most common to most rare it goes: White > Yellow > Green > Blue > Red > Chase sets. Inside each set, the cards themselves vary in rarity and that’s where the big numbers come into play.

Big Numbers and What They Mean

  • Lower = Better. Say you have two Batman Grr stickers, and they say #278/50,000 and #46,302/50,000. The lower number is the more rare, and therefore the more valuable one. 
  • There’s two ways to find out the odds of what you’ll find in each pouch. First, if you’re looking at a specific set, tap on the pouch just above the "buy/price" button, and you’ll see a list of all the items in the set, and the odds of them appearing in the pouch you buy. You can also find this list in the Shop section of each Channel. Some cards are more rare than others, so you’ll have lower odds of getting them in a pack. Better start collecting!

Trading Stuff

  • Do you really have trading cards if you don’t trade them away for other ones? Tap on the “Trade” icon at the bottom of the Channel or homepage to start a trade with a friend. Or if you’re inside a channel, see what people are looking for or trading away from each set. They just might have dupes of that elusive Catwoman Sly MyMoji you’ve been looking for!

Chatting with Friends

  • You can comment on posts in the feed and you can interface with people during trades, but did you know there’s a full fledged messaging service inside the app? If you go to your profile you’ll see “Messages.” Tap on this and you can start chatting with friends on the app. No friends? Just below “Messages” tap on “Friends” to connect and socialize with other people in the community!

Texting with MyMojis!

  • Once you add the Quidd keyboard, you can copy your MyMoji stickers into any text message. You’ll bring your emoji game to a whole new level!

Other Stuff

  • Tap on the Settings icon in the top right corner of your profile to read our FAQs or get support for any issues inside the app.
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    Yes, all of these are mandatory aspects in the game. Add a__ (2 underscores) as a friend on Quidd!

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    Well, see, that doesn't really tell me anything. Like, I need the mechanics of it , like do this, then do that and this will happen. You know what I mean ?

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    And I think I have a message but can't get it to come up, there's a number 1 on my me button , don't know exactly what it is ?

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    Adam Sadowsky

    When I try to go to restrictions my game crashes.

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