The Basics

Here’s a handy ‘How to’ Manual for navigating Quidd:

The Feed

The Feed is an ongoing stream of what’s new on Quidd. It has three sections: Featured, Following, and Listings.You’ll want to always monitor the Feed to see new and exciting events, sales, or information that can enhance you experience on Quidd. The Feed also includes some of the most popular and engaging secondary market sales on Quidd (Featured), Display and Listing Posts from Quidders you follow (Following) and items that Quidders are selling most recently that you can buy now (Listings.) For more information about The Feed, click here.

Shops, Post, Collection, and Profile

In addition to The Feed, tt you’ll see icons for Shop, Post, Collection and Profile.

In the Shop, there is the New tab, where you’ll find the latest on new drops in the store, and the Explore tab, which will allow you to find explore different sets and brands find free items, learn about opportunities to earn coins for FREE and much more!

With Post you’ll be able to showcase your collection and creativity with Display Posts (where you can express yourself Quidd-style) and Listing Posts (where you can sell items in your collection). Listing Posts are going to be a great way for you to continually earn more coins for the duplicate items that you own.

In the Collection Tab you can find all of your items with important info such as the total number of items you own, sets completed, recently added items, favorites, and much more! You can also organize your favorite Brands in the order that you choose!

Last, the profile Tab where you can find all of your followers, users you follow, all of your posts (Display Posts as well as active, sold and expired Listings), all of the coins you have earned from sales, and number of sales made. You can also find followers, invite your friends to Quidd, chat with fellow Quidders, control your personal setting, and much more!

 Big Numbers and What They Mean

  • Lower = Better. Say you have two Stickers, and they say #278/50,000 and #46,302/50,000. The lower number is the more rare, and therefore, likely the more valuable one.
  • There’s two ways to find out the odds of what you’ll find in each Bundle. First, you can find all odds here on this webpage. You can also tap on Sets in the Shop to find Bundle odds.Some cards are more rare than others, so you’ll have lower odds of getting them in a Bundle. Better start collecting!

Selling Stuff

To initiate Listing Post, simply click the Post button in the bottom center of your screen and select the Sell option. Here are the following steps to complete your Listing Post:

  • Select only one item for sale per Listing Post, as well as background, accessories and overlays to allow your Listing to stand out (similar to already existing Display Posts);
  • Select the specific Print of the item you wanted listed;
  • Write your caption including the description, hashtags, and tags; and
  • Complete the listing details of your Listing Post by including the asking price and selecting the expiration time and make your Listing Post live!

For more info about how to sell, click on this webpage.

Texting with Stickers!

Once you add the Quidd keyboard, you can copy your stickers into any text message. You’ll bring your text game to a whole new level!

Other Stuff

Tap on the Settings icon in the top left corner of your profile to see your personal History on Quidd (including transaction history), find tips, or get support for any issues inside the app.


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