Helpful Hints

  • Include your username when sending us support requests! It helps us help you even faster.

  • Do you have the newest version of the app? Odds are we may have fixed whatever bug is messing with you in our latest update.

  • Did you ask the channel? There’s a user built specifically to answer your questions! You can message Q at anytime for help, but most Mondays he’ll have his own forum where you can bombard him with questions to your heart’s desire.

  • Scared of Q? It’s okay, even Picard didn’t trust him. You can also check in with other members of the Quidd community. Use our chat feature to ask your Quidd friends if they can help you! No friends? It’s okay, we’ve still got your back.

  • Check out our community guidelines too, there might be some helpful information as to why you’re experiencing difficulties.
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    Jennifer Clark

    Why can I not get a reply from technical support? It’s been weeks without any reply.

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