I can't comment or trade. What happened?

You were likely suspended. 

Your fellow users can report improper comments or conduct in the app, particularly those that violate Quidd's Community Policy.

If this is your first offense, your account will be automatically suspended, disabling your ability to comment on a feed article, send a trade post, chat with friends, and trade with fellow users. You can still view your collection and otherwise use the app. This state is temporary and will only last a brief period, likely less than one day.

If this is your second or third offensive, the length of your suspension will be considerably longer, if not permanent, following review by a Quidd Pro. 

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    I got suspended and over 2 days later I'm still banned

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    Barbara Dambrosio1987

    I haven't been online in many days now and I try to do anything and get an improper credentials pop up. Seeing as I haven't been online, what could be a possible explanation for this?

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    I was returning from my work break when it says I was banned from trading and "this user is suspended". As of now it's been 3 days since and still no word from devs or any updates to my profile. Really annoyed since I spent around £10 just before this once sent happened

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    I'm not banned, but I can't login anymore on my iPhone. My iPad is fine.

    iPhone app  goes to facebook to authorize account and after that Quidd  asks for login again. And again. This is annoying!

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