Handling Users Selling on eBay (or anywhere else)

Handling Users Selling on eBay (or other sites)

As per the Restrictions section of our Terms: Virtual Coins and Virtual Goods may never be redeemed or exchanged for real money, goods, services, or any other item of monetary value. Unless expressly authorized in these Terms of Use, any transfer or exchange of Virtual Coins, or Virtual Goods is strictly prohibited, and any attempt to do so, even outside the scope of the App, is a material breach of these Terms of Use and may result in immediate termination of this Agreement.

If you are discovered to be selling items on eBay or anywhere else, we will be looking closely at your account. If we find that you may have acquired your collection through fraud or abuse, or assisted another user in that manner, you will be permanently banned, which includes being blocked from trading. Additionally, if you are discovered to be selling items on eBay or another site, you may not be able to participate in special Quidd perks, which include:

• Current or future VIP programs.

• Any coin giveaways, including surveys, reviews, and trivia contests.

• Beta programs for early peaks at upcoming App releases (except where the developers may your user account to be specifically useful).


Fraud and abuse also include creating "farm" or "feeder" accounts to take advantage of free coins.

You may never advertise your eBay listings anywhere in the App, including comments, chats, profile blurbs, and trading. Doing so may result in suspension. Repeat violators may be permanently banned. All such in-App solicitation will be deleted.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 

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