Handling Users Selling on eBay

Buying and selling items or accounts on eBay or other auction sites is strongly discouraged because there is no way for Quidd to ensure safe and secure transactions.

If you are selling items on eBay, we will be looking closely at your account. If we find that you may have acquired your collection through fraud or abuse, you will be permanently banned, which includes being blocked from trading. Fraud and abuse include using "farm" or "feeder" accounts to get more free coins.

You may never advertise your eBay listings anywhere in the App, including comments, chats, profile blurbs, and trading. Doing so may result in suspension. Repeat violators may be permanently banned. All such in-App solicitation will be deleted.

Additionally, if you are selling items on eBay, you will not be able to participate in special Quidd perks, which include:

• Current or future VIP programs.
• Any coin giveaways, including surveys, reviews, and trivia contests.
• Beta programs for early peaks at upcoming App releases (except where the developers may your user account to be specifically useful).

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 

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    mangle fnaf



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    Johnson Abella

    This has got to be one of the dumbest posts I’ve ever read. You do know that the secondary market is what brings more hype and players to your app. If cards have value, then so does your app. With no real life value, you are alienating so many people.

    It’s true that farmers shouldn’t be allowed but not allowing us players to sell, that’s just dumb. The more money we make from your app, the more we would be willing to spend on it. I guess your senior executives don’t understand economics very well.

    Watch, when an app embraces the secondary market. Quidd and Topps will lose a big percentage of their followers.

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    David Diaz

    Hey so I was hoping we could look after the permanent ban that was placed on my accnt. This was my first ban ever. And I was told that it had something to do with this section here. There was no proof on my account being on eBay nor did I ever attempt to sell my account on eBay. Or is my account associated with eBay in any type of way! And I for a fact and with no proof again. Not have I ever mentioned specifically that I am selling my account on eBay or any other type of website whats so ever! At anytime I never mentioned or actually attempted to sell of my account what's so ever, yet I was banned! Permanently and on a 1st offense!? I beg of you to please review my account one more time. I can't stress the amount of time,money and effort that was put into that account. That account was my get away from the mess of my life app. And it's been about 2wks now without it. I tried collecting with the many restrictions and it's impossible to complete sets unless if realistically I spend at least 100-200$ a day to keep of with the many sets that I had at 100% completion. My collection is ruined.. and all I want to do is be able to collect,buy and trade again. If you review and follow your code of conduct on this tread about selling accounts on eBay. You will truly see this was a genuine overlook. And a punishment was played out, I promise!

    Being without quidd and or my collection and not being able to trade for this prolonged amount of time. Has been an awful experience and I would hope that someone will read this. Look in and see that it wasn't right for a permanent ban. But anyways...

    This probably won't work either but it's worth a try..

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